This policy was updated June 1, 2008.

Redi-Counts and its parent company Redi-Direct Marketing, Inc. respect your privacy. We are committed to protecting it. The following is our privacy policy, so you can understand how we use any information collected on this site. In short, you can visit our site without revealing who you are or giving away personal information.

This policy applies to this web site, At times, we may provide links to outside, third-party sites, which we can in no way take legal responsibility for.

Personal information is defined as information related to your unique identity, such as your name. We will not sell or rent personal information. We will only use it to make the site or our products more valuable to those who visit, to process your orders, or to bring you money-saving offers. Some examples are as follows, though this list is not meant to be inclusive. We may use personal information to study what kinds of people visit the site, so we can make it more valuable to them. We may use it to study which features users like and don't like. We may use your name to welcome you to the site. We may use your occupation to customize the home page to display offers that we think you'll like. Providing information is optional, except where described. For example, in many cases, you must provide a name, credit card number and other information to buy mailing lists from us. We may use the information you give us to let you know about new products.

In order to serve you, we may work with a third-party company who we would let know some information. For example, in order to send you your order or a special promotion, we would give a courier or mail service your name and address so your order can be filled. These third parties are required to keep this information confidential and only use it for the purpose we tell them.

At times, we may be required by law to reveal personal information to a government agency or authority, such as in a criminal investigation.

For credit card orders, we use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged within our site. Personal information (such as a credit card number) is transmitted to other web sites through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted protection.

We use cookies to store visitors' preferences and to record session information for navigational purposes in some areas of our web site. We also use cookies to study user preferences, in order to make the site more useful.

If Redi-Counts and/or Redi-Direct Marketing, Inc. change form (such as, but not limited to, merging with another company, taking over another company, or being taken over by another company), we will still keep your information confidential. However, be sure to read the new policies of any new site.

Please feel free to and email us with any questions.

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